Friday, July 29, 2005

We're Back & The Complete DIONYSUS show is up online!

Hey Everyone,

We apologize for not updating the past couple of weeks. Had a ton of non-gallery related business to attend to. We will attempt to update the Blog much more frequently in the future.

We thought we would mention the entire DIONYSUS show is now up online and some great pieces are still available. Please email or call if you want to purchase a piece as we have been lame in regard to marking pieces as sold online. Emailing us at is probably the easiest way to find out availability. We do work on a first email or phone call gets the piece basis. So call now to obtain the piece(s) you desire before someone else does.

The DIONYSUS show will be extended through Sunday, August 29th. Pieces already Sold will be shipped off, however, most all other pieces from the show will be available through the gallery. Now if you purchase a piece you can take it home that same evening. May make a trip to the desert worthwhile for that alone. Remember, you can always call my cell at 760.774.8474 if you plan to come down here during a time the gallery is closed. We don't live very far from the gallery and never seem to mind meeting people over there. This is much easier than being open 24/7 we think you would agree.

We will also be including some amazing vintage photos taken of Supermodel VERUSCHKA that are pretty pricey but amazing none the less. These are for the serious photography collector. These are extremely limited and produced by processes that are rarely done today due to cost considerations.

More to come soon!!!

Take care.

Sunday, July 10, 2005



Last night was eye opening. Could not believe all the great artwork we received from artists we had not previously shown. There are tremendously talented artists out there that take their time to submit packages to us and never hear anything back. We apologize for this as running a gallery is a full time plus job and we never seem to find any additional time to review the submissions you work so hard to put together. Please don't confuse our lack of free time to review submissions with arrogance as we are flattered that you're interested in showing with us and can assure you that all of you have a greater understanding of art than we do. Although we have yet to review the submissions we have received (and there are a ton of them - almost literally), we promise to start immediately by reviewing a few each week. So even if you sent us something back in mid 2003, when we first opened, there is a good chance you will hear back from us (finally) in the next few months.

Today, we opened a package from JASMINE WORTH. Kind of ironic since she is showing with us in the DIONYSUS show and we hung out with her and boyfriend Zack after the opening last night. Her work is great and I wasn't even aware we had a package from her until I browsed through one of the submission bins today. The second package I opened was from KATHIE OLIVAS of Tampa, Florida. Very cool work and we look forward to maybe having her join us in a future group show. Please check out the web sites of these two talented artists by clicking on their names above.

Having said all that, please continue to submit your work (CD's only please) and remember that even if we are unable to show your work it really doesn't mean much. It's most likely that we are already booked for a while, your work may not fit in with our show themes or that you don't have any incriminating photos of us (like other artists we show do). Oh yeah, and it may take a while for us to get back with you.

Lastly, never let ANYONE deter you from pursuing your dreams of being an artist (cause you already are) and especially not galleries. Since galleries are simply retail outlets, we are often driven solely by economics (i.e. the need to eat) and choices are frequently based on making enough money to survive rather than showing everything we like.

NOTE: If you are a new artist wishing to possibly show with us in the future, please check out the ARTIST SUBMISSIONS page under the POLICIES section of our website at This should allow you to send us a package that we will eventually review.


We had a great turnout last night at the DIONYSUS exhibition. Had the opportunity to meet Lee (the founder of Dionysus Records)and hang out with him a bit (great guy) and wanted to thank him again for the amazing BOMBORAS album he gave us! You really need to check out the DIONYSUS RECORDS web site at to pick up some great music.

A HUGE thank you needs to go out to ANDREW BRANDOU (our guest curator for the show) for all his hardwork, planning, assistance and most importantly friendship from the conception of the show to the drinks and pizza afterward. Andrew is a tremendously talented artist (as if you hadn't already heard of him) and will be showing later this week at COPRO-NASON gallery with our pal MILES THOMPSON. You don't want to miss what should be a great show. It may be worth the trip just to visit the new Copro-Nason gallery space at Bergamont Station in Santa Monica.

We also want to thank all of the artists that travelled in from out of town. We really appreciate you driving in (especially with the insane gas prices these days) and it was a pleasure to meet all of you. We wish we had more time to spend with everyone, however, openings are always crazy and we encourage all of you to simply call us and visit us in town whenever you get a chance (especially when the gallery isn't open). Hope everyone had a safe trip back home and we look forward to hanging out with all of you again!

Lastly, MiShell and I had a lot of fun afterward grabbing a bite to eat with a small group (you guys rock) at MATCHBOX and wanted to thank artists Jasmine Worth, Joe Ledbetter, James Naccarato, Jophen Stein, and Howdy Pardner for all drawing on a menu for us, which we later stole from the restuarant (now that MiShell and I are criminals, maybe we can get some play from Juxtapoz magazine).

PS. Sorry we never had the opportunity to say goodbye or get out for a drink with you Ms. Korin Fought. We will see you at the BRANDOU/THOMPSON show most likely.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

DIONYSUS this Saturday evening!

m modern gallery proudly presents
"DIONYSUS" - Tribute to Dionysus Records
group art show featuring original paintings by by over 40 artists
This Saturday, July 9th, 8-11 pm
Dionysus show card


The ultimate art party Saturday at m modern gallery! Artists' reception for DIONYSUS!

Come join us this Saturday, July 9th from 8:00 pm to 11:00 pm for the artists' reception and opening of DIONYSUS (a tribute to DIONYSUS RECORDS). This show is being curated by ANDREW BRANDOU (aka Howdy Pardner) and should be a great exhibition/party with several of the artists in attendance. Many artists we represent have done cover art for Dionysus Records in the past and this show will present some amazing examples. There will also be conceptual cover art from the other artists in the show too. Don't forget to check out the artwork in our new SIDESHOW gallery next door (a work in progress) with a mini show being curated by Joey Remmers and Josh P. Davis. If what we have received so far is any indication of what's to come, this will be an evening for the ages!

DIONYSUS show card - image Thorsten Hasenkamm - design EWIK

Check out the artists in this exhibition!

Josh Agle (aka SHAG) * Kii Arens * Van Arno * Tim Biskup * Andrew Brandou * Jim Cherry * Craiger * Sean Christopher * Josh P. Davis * Amanda Erlinger * Ewik (aka Eric Rider) *
Korin Faught * Flounder (aka Scott Sheidly) * Sam Gambino * Robert Goodin * David Groff * Naoto Hattori * Jason Houchen * Thorsten Hasenkamm * Brett Hess * Terri Kasuba * Craig LaRotonda * Joe Ledbetter * James Naccarato * Everett Peck * Joshua Petker * Lisa Pettruci * The Pizz * Robert Pokorny * Joey Remmers * Scott Saw * Dale Sizer * Ed Smith * Bwana Spoons * Miles Thompson * Amanda Visell * Anthony Vukojevich * Keith Weesner * Kipling West *
Marc Willey * Jasmine Worth
and more!

The art for this show is priced right and an excellent value for your growing original art collection. If you have not yet collected original artwork this is a good time to start since prices are far below what we anticipated (especially given the quality and beauty of the work).

DIONYSUS was the GOD OF WINE as you probably know. Guess what the beverage of choice will be that night? There will also be the usual snacks plus great music being played all evening from the Dionysus Records artist roster. What a cool event to enjoy yourself, speak with the artists in an intimate setting and coax us out of some great original artwork from the over 40 different artists participating.

Let's talk about DIONYSUS RECORDS for a moment. Dionysus Records was started in 1984 by legendary DJ LEE (Lee Joseph) and is renown for garage, surf, punk, rockabilly, lounge, exotica, insanity and even a little jazz music. Since then Dionysus Records has captured our hearts and ears with amazing music and cover art by many of our favorite artists today. So support independent record labels and check out the Dionysus Records web site at (or simply click the show card above for their web site).

This event is free and open to the public. M Modern Gallery is located at 448 N. Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs, CA 92262, phone 760 416-3611, web is and email is

NOTE: Look for various M MODERN GALLERY prints & merchandise to be on SALE that evening!

"Woman Island" - cover art by Josh Agle (aka SHAG) - SOLD - shown below

Woman Island by SHAG

About M Modern Gallery

M Modern Gallery caters to Pop, Modern, Low Brow, Fashion and Tiki art enthusiasts. We strive to provide our customers and collectors with outstanding service and value. Our art work is especially well suited to mid-century modern homes.

M Modern Gallery
Jay & MiShell Nailor
phone: 760 774-8474

Please note that all specially priced prints and merchandise is limited subject to quantities on hand. Almost all of these items are unable to be reordered and all sales are final.