Sunday, May 14, 2006

ERIC JOYNER Solo show opens this Saturday, May 20th

Eric Joyner - IDLG
m modern presents
a solo exhibition of works by ERIC JOYNER


Fractional Tolerance
New art by Eric Joyner
May 20 – June 5, 2006
Reception: Saturday, May 20, 2006, 7-11 pm

m modern
448 N. Palm Canyon, Palm Springs, CA 92262
760 416-3611, fax 760 325-9135
Web site,

About Fractional Tolerance

Fractional Tolerance is an exhibition of new paintings by Eric Joyner at m modern in Palm Springs from May 20th – June 5th. The influence of retro tin robots is evident in viewing the paintings of Eric Joyner at first glance. These images provide a glimpse into how a robot would feel and react placed in different settings that can be both fanastic, familiar or both. While it may be true that robots do not experience emotions, it takes only seconds to sometimes add our own sense of how they would feel if they did. Many of us will smile or laugh when confronted with the imagery provided in these clever and often playful well executed original works.

San Francisco based Eric Joyner has an impressive background in illustration, teaching, exhibiting and an obvious love for his subject matter. The biography section of his web site tells the complete story and is only a few short clicks away (click on the SPIRAL WORLD image below to be transported to Eric Joyner's world).

Eric has shown with us at m modern on several occasions over the past three years and has consistantly sold his works. This new body of paintings should provide his tin robots an opportunity to find great new homes where they can be appreciated for generations to come. Who knows? Maybe ROBBIE THE ROBOT might even make his way to the gallery to see himself on the walls.

The artist’s reception will be on May 20th, 7-11 PM. Admission is free and complementary beverages will be available. For details and to view more of Eric Joyner's art visit:

Images & More Info
To request images or an interview contact m modern: 760 416-3611 or email at

The image of the original painting shown at the top of the page is entitled
"IT DOESN'T LOOK GOOD" and will be available for sale. Please email us to be added to the Eric Joyner preview wait list. This will provide you the opportunity to possibly purchase Eric's paintings prior to the opening reception. Adding your name to the waiting list does not obligate you to purchase anything.



SPIRAL WORLD - original painting by ERIC JOYNER
click on image to visit the ERIC JOYNER web site.
Eric Joyner - Spiral World

USUAL SUSPECTS - original painting in progress by ERIC JOYNER
click on image to visit the m modern web site.

To order merchandise by phone, please call us at 760.774.8474 and we will arrange for payment information. We accept Visa, MC, Discover and AMEX. Checks may be sent to the gallery as well, however, your order will only be processed upon arrival and approval of the check.



Jay, MiShell & David
m modern

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SCOTT SAW Solo show opens this Saturday, May 20th

Microcosm - Solo Show - M Modern Gallery - May 20 - see details below

New art by Scott Saw
May 20, 2006 – June 10, 2006
Reception: May 20, 2006, 7-11 pm

M Modern Gallery,
448 N. Palm Canyon, Palm Springs, CA
PH: (760) 416-3611

Press Release (PDF)

About Microcosm
Microcosm is an exhibition of new paintings by Scott Saw at M Modern Gallery in Palm Springs from May 20th – June 10th. The paintings explore space, nature, technology, family life and express the artist’s continual interest with nostalgia.

The show features a new series of paintings that the artist created during the first months of his new son Kai’s life. “With a new baby in the house and working out of my home studio all day and night I have been very isolated – in fact, my wife turned my car into a storage shed for months because it never left the driveway! This solitude amongst my home and family certainly has influenced my recent work. Every painting takes place on an ‘island’ floating in space. I have recently become very interested in physics and understanding cosmology and string theory. Every painting in the Microcosm series contains design elements which are based on some of the simplest vibrational patterns in string theory.”

The paintings are full of iconography relating to space, nature and technology. Rockets take the form of birds and fish, cities grow into tree-like structures and robots have tree trunk torsos. There is also a sense of family life in the new work. In one painting a robot father teaches his son about fishing. In another, a family of robots wave to another family member as he passes by their ultra modern space-home in a fish shaped rocket. There will be 30 new paintings on display as well as a selection of other recent paintings and silk-screen prints.

The artist’s reception will be on May 20th, 7-11 PM. Complementary snacks and beverages will be available. For details and to view more of Saw's art visit:

About Scott Saw
Scott Saw creates vibrant, energetic paintings that explore space, nature, physics, technology, life, death, love and the relationship between the physical and spiritual worlds. Scott received degrees in Art and Marketing from San Diego State University in 1998. He lives in San Diego, California with his wife, son, dog and cats.

Images & More Info
To request images or an interview contact:

Scott Saw, Artist:
(760) 402-8272,

To purchase art contact M Modern:
(760) 416-3611

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


We will be hosting a closing party on SATURDAY, MAY 13th, 2006 from 7:00 - 10:00 pm for the two exhibitions currently on display at the gallery. "TIMELINE" is a solo show of works by SYD MEAD and "THE FUTURE" is a group exhibition featuring many of our favorite artists. See earlier posts for the names of the artists included.

Since the openings were held the evening before EASTER Sunday, we wanted to provide a chance for people to attend a reception for this show. SYD MEAD will unfortunately be away that weekend and unable to attend. Some of the artists from THE FUTURE show will most likely show up and complimentary refreshments will be served during the hours of 7 - 9 pm.

There are still some great pieces available for sale from both shows and we hope you can make it. There will be some print deals as well specifically for that evening too!