Monday, April 17, 2006

THE FUTURE Group show online!

THE FUTURE group exhibition is now online. Click on THE FUTURE show image on the homepage and then click on Preview Show. To find details such as title, size, medium and price, click on the image info tab at the bottom of the picture when enlarged. There are only a few pieces that have yet to be posted that will appear shortly. One is the Thomas Han painting shown above and here are the details:

"Sonic Producer"
12.5" x 6.5" w/1" cradle, varnished black
mixed media
Price: $ 700

Note: Please call 760 774-8474 with payment information if you would like to purchase this great piece of artwork.

The other pieces that are not yet online are the pieces by Glenn Barr, STONE and possibly one or two others. There are alot of sold pieces (sorry, the web site does not yet reflect these), however, there are some great pieces still available if you act fast.

TIMELINE - The SYD MEAD solo show (Syd created the worlds for Bladerunner, 2010, Aliens, Jonny Mnemonic, Timeline and countless other movie and television titles) will go up online in the next couple of days after we have had a chance to take digital photos of it. These paintings are more expensive than the usual offerings at the gallery ($ 10K to $ 35K range), however, they should probably cost a lot more given the level or craftsmanship (not to mention vision and creativity). This is a unique opportunity to own a painting from a master in the science fiction genre. SYD also created countless prototype vehicles for car companies and has an amazing offering of his designs that have been produced by HotWheels over the years. Any graduate of ART CENTER in Pasadena is familiar with his incredible body of work.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

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Subject: m modern gallery presents TIMELINE - a Syd Mead solo show and THE FUTURE a group art exhibition
future pscd
m modern opens 2 fantastic exhibitions on
Saturday, April 15 from 7-10 pm
TIMELINE a solo show featuring SYD MEAD and
THE FUTURE featuring our top selling artists!
Hello Everyone!

m modern plans to transport you in time with two amazing exhibitions that will open on Saturday, April 15th from 7 -10 pm and provide you a glimpse into our artist’s interpretations of the future.

In our main gallery will be a solo show with futurist icon SYD MEAD entitled “TIMELINE”. You probably best remember SYD MEAD for the worlds he created in movies such as BLADERUNNER, TRON, 2010, ALIENS, JOHNNY MNEMONIC and countless others. His concept cars, Hotwheels, prototypes, books and other groundbreaking designs are all around us if you look for them. This is the first exhibition of this kind for SYD and he has graciously agreed to offer 9-10 of his original paintings for sale (surely a first)!

SYD will also be hosting a lecture prior to the gallery reception at the beautifully remodeled Hotel Zoso here in Palm Springs. This is no charge for admission or beverages, however, a cash donation to THE PALM SPRINGS PRESERVATION FOUNDATION, the host, is requested but not mandatory. Here are the details:

SYD MEAD lecture and presentation to be held:
Saturday, April 15th – 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Hotel Zoso
150 South Indian Canyon Drive
Palm Springs, CA 92262

Please check sign in front lobby for exact location within hotel.
Call 760 416-3611 to RSVP or for additional lecture information (m modern gallery)
Call 760 325-9676 for hotel directions

Please join us later that evening (7-10pm) for the opening reception for TIMELINE - a solo show of works by SYD MEAD. SYD will be present at the reception and available to sign & personalize a limited number of his book SENTURY. This is an amazing book of works by SYD that retails for only $50 SYD will also be premiering up to 5 NEW PRINTS that have never before been available for sale that evening!


”THE FUTURE” is possibly our best group exhibition ever! This is an incredible line-up of our top selling artists that have shown with m modern. These works are among the best we have ever seen show up at the gallery and the visions presented by these artists are sure to have you contemplating what the future holds for quite some time. Here is a line-up of the confirmed artists for ”THE FUTURE”:

Josh (SHAG) Agle * Glenn Barr * Tim Biskup * Dave Burke * Brad Burkhart * Colin Christian * Luke Chueh * Dave Cooper * Joshua P. Davis * Bob Dob * Korin Faught * Paul Frank * Thomas Hahn * Naoto Hattori * John John Jesse * Joe Ledbetter * Chris Mars * Mars 1 * Mark Mothersbaugh * James Naccarato * Lynne Naylor * Robert Pokorny * Chris Reccardi * Chris Remmers * Joey Remmers * Dale Sizer * Morgan Slade * Nathan Spoor * Jophen Stein * Stone * Joe Vaux * and more!

Many of these originals are very large for this group and this show will later be put out as a catalog that can be purchased from the gallery website or from the store. Look for this in the coming months.

There are also going to be 4 NEW m modern exclusive print releases that evening including an edition of only 10 prints from DAVE COOPER, an edition of only 40 prints from JOEY REMMERS (at a special price that evening) and 2 limited edition prints from CHRIS RECCARDI which will also be sized under 50 prints each. These will not last long, so check our website shortly for these to appear. We highly recommend pre-ordering if you can as they should all sell out quite fast.

Drive safe and we hope to see you there!

We hope to have the show up online either a day or two before the show or shortly thereafter for those of you that absolutely can’t make this pair of not-to-be-missed exhibitions.

SENTURY book cover
Syd Mead Sentury

See the latest publication by Syd Mead. This 12" by 12" 174 page book captures a never before seen cross-section of one of the most exciting careers ever lived. Retail is only $50 and this item will be available at the gallery the night of the reception to be signed by SYD MEAD in person.

or ORDER NOW through PAYPAL and we will have it signed for you by SYD and shipped to you in a week or so after the reception.

Price w/shipping $62.50 USD
ID/SKU: SM-Sentury
S, H & I: Included ($50 + $12.50)
Buy Now |

by Joey Remmers
JR - Arrival of last hope

25" x 20" image size
Limited edition of only 40
(limited edition of 10 prints on canvas available from gallery)
Retail is $125 until May 1st - then $150

NOTE: These prints will be on SALE at a special price during the reception evening only! Sorry, no exceptions.

Price w/shipping $140.00 USD
S, H & I: Included ($125 + $15)
Buy Now |

by Dave Cooper
Dave Cooper

Colorized Print on paper - FRAMED
10" x 11" Image Size
Limited Edition of only 10
$295 framed

NOTE: Available from the gallery only as we anticipate these will sell out during the reception. Call to reserve one if you will be in attendance that evening.

by Chris Reccardi
space scooter

Details to be announced at show!

by Chris Reccardi

Details to be announced at show!

To order merchandise by phone, please call us at 760.774.8474 and we will arrange for payment information. We accept Visa, MC, Discover and AMEX. Checks may be sent to the gallery as well, however, your order will only be processed upon arrival and approval of the check.



Jay, MiShell & David
m modern

phone: 760 416-3611

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Thursday, April 06, 2006

SYD MEAD lecture prior to the Gallery openings on
Saturday, April 15th, 2006
. Here are the lecture details (note: the lecture is being held off site at HOTEL ZOSO in downtown Palm Springs (not far from the gallery):

SYD MEAD lecture & possible book signing
Saturday, April 15th –
3:00 pm
to 4:00 pm
Hotel Zoso
150 South Indian Canyon Drive
Palm Springs, CA 92262

Please check sign in front lobby for exact location within hotel.
Call 760 416-3611 to RSVP or for additional lecture information
Call 760 325-9676 for hotel directions

This should be a well attended event. There is no admission charge, however, a cash donation for the PALM SPRINGS PRESERVATION FOUNDATION is requested, but not mandatory, at the door.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

A sampling of THE FUTURE exhibition that opens on SATURDAY, APRIL 15th, 2006.