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Last night was eye opening. Could not believe all the great artwork we received from artists we had not previously shown. There are tremendously talented artists out there that take their time to submit packages to us and never hear anything back. We apologize for this as running a gallery is a full time plus job and we never seem to find any additional time to review the submissions you work so hard to put together. Please don't confuse our lack of free time to review submissions with arrogance as we are flattered that you're interested in showing with us and can assure you that all of you have a greater understanding of art than we do. Although we have yet to review the submissions we have received (and there are a ton of them - almost literally), we promise to start immediately by reviewing a few each week. So even if you sent us something back in mid 2003, when we first opened, there is a good chance you will hear back from us (finally) in the next few months.

Today, we opened a package from JASMINE WORTH. Kind of ironic since she is showing with us in the DIONYSUS show and we hung out with her and boyfriend Zack after the opening last night. Her work is great and I wasn't even aware we had a package from her until I browsed through one of the submission bins today. The second package I opened was from KATHIE OLIVAS of Tampa, Florida. Very cool work and we look forward to maybe having her join us in a future group show. Please check out the web sites of these two talented artists by clicking on their names above.

Having said all that, please continue to submit your work (CD's only please) and remember that even if we are unable to show your work it really doesn't mean much. It's most likely that we are already booked for a while, your work may not fit in with our show themes or that you don't have any incriminating photos of us (like other artists we show do). Oh yeah, and it may take a while for us to get back with you.

Lastly, never let ANYONE deter you from pursuing your dreams of being an artist (cause you already are) and especially not galleries. Since galleries are simply retail outlets, we are often driven solely by economics (i.e. the need to eat) and choices are frequently based on making enough money to survive rather than showing everything we like.

NOTE: If you are a new artist wishing to possibly show with us in the future, please check out the ARTIST SUBMISSIONS page under the POLICIES section of our website at This should allow you to send us a package that we will eventually review.


Blogger jasmineworth said...

Thanks for the pizza! It was great meeting you and MiShell. I can't wait till our next show together.

8/28/2005 2:35 PM  

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