Sunday, July 10, 2005


We had a great turnout last night at the DIONYSUS exhibition. Had the opportunity to meet Lee (the founder of Dionysus Records)and hang out with him a bit (great guy) and wanted to thank him again for the amazing BOMBORAS album he gave us! You really need to check out the DIONYSUS RECORDS web site at to pick up some great music.

A HUGE thank you needs to go out to ANDREW BRANDOU (our guest curator for the show) for all his hardwork, planning, assistance and most importantly friendship from the conception of the show to the drinks and pizza afterward. Andrew is a tremendously talented artist (as if you hadn't already heard of him) and will be showing later this week at COPRO-NASON gallery with our pal MILES THOMPSON. You don't want to miss what should be a great show. It may be worth the trip just to visit the new Copro-Nason gallery space at Bergamont Station in Santa Monica.

We also want to thank all of the artists that travelled in from out of town. We really appreciate you driving in (especially with the insane gas prices these days) and it was a pleasure to meet all of you. We wish we had more time to spend with everyone, however, openings are always crazy and we encourage all of you to simply call us and visit us in town whenever you get a chance (especially when the gallery isn't open). Hope everyone had a safe trip back home and we look forward to hanging out with all of you again!

Lastly, MiShell and I had a lot of fun afterward grabbing a bite to eat with a small group (you guys rock) at MATCHBOX and wanted to thank artists Jasmine Worth, Joe Ledbetter, James Naccarato, Jophen Stein, and Howdy Pardner for all drawing on a menu for us, which we later stole from the restuarant (now that MiShell and I are criminals, maybe we can get some play from Juxtapoz magazine).

PS. Sorry we never had the opportunity to say goodbye or get out for a drink with you Ms. Korin Fought. We will see you at the BRANDOU/THOMPSON show most likely.


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