Friday, July 29, 2005

We're Back & The Complete DIONYSUS show is up online!

Hey Everyone,

We apologize for not updating the past couple of weeks. Had a ton of non-gallery related business to attend to. We will attempt to update the Blog much more frequently in the future.

We thought we would mention the entire DIONYSUS show is now up online and some great pieces are still available. Please email or call if you want to purchase a piece as we have been lame in regard to marking pieces as sold online. Emailing us at is probably the easiest way to find out availability. We do work on a first email or phone call gets the piece basis. So call now to obtain the piece(s) you desire before someone else does.

The DIONYSUS show will be extended through Sunday, August 29th. Pieces already Sold will be shipped off, however, most all other pieces from the show will be available through the gallery. Now if you purchase a piece you can take it home that same evening. May make a trip to the desert worthwhile for that alone. Remember, you can always call my cell at 760.774.8474 if you plan to come down here during a time the gallery is closed. We don't live very far from the gallery and never seem to mind meeting people over there. This is much easier than being open 24/7 we think you would agree.

We will also be including some amazing vintage photos taken of Supermodel VERUSCHKA that are pretty pricey but amazing none the less. These are for the serious photography collector. These are extremely limited and produced by processes that are rarely done today due to cost considerations.

More to come soon!!!

Take care.


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