Monday, April 17, 2006

THE FUTURE Group show online!

THE FUTURE group exhibition is now online. Click on THE FUTURE show image on the homepage and then click on Preview Show. To find details such as title, size, medium and price, click on the image info tab at the bottom of the picture when enlarged. There are only a few pieces that have yet to be posted that will appear shortly. One is the Thomas Han painting shown above and here are the details:

"Sonic Producer"
12.5" x 6.5" w/1" cradle, varnished black
mixed media
Price: $ 700

Note: Please call 760 774-8474 with payment information if you would like to purchase this great piece of artwork.

The other pieces that are not yet online are the pieces by Glenn Barr, STONE and possibly one or two others. There are alot of sold pieces (sorry, the web site does not yet reflect these), however, there are some great pieces still available if you act fast.

TIMELINE - The SYD MEAD solo show (Syd created the worlds for Bladerunner, 2010, Aliens, Jonny Mnemonic, Timeline and countless other movie and television titles) will go up online in the next couple of days after we have had a chance to take digital photos of it. These paintings are more expensive than the usual offerings at the gallery ($ 10K to $ 35K range), however, they should probably cost a lot more given the level or craftsmanship (not to mention vision and creativity). This is a unique opportunity to own a painting from a master in the science fiction genre. SYD also created countless prototype vehicles for car companies and has an amazing offering of his designs that have been produced by HotWheels over the years. Any graduate of ART CENTER in Pasadena is familiar with his incredible body of work.


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