Wednesday, October 26, 2005

We're Back & Special NOTE to & users

We apologize for the long delay in between posts. Summer here is our time to shut down, as temperatures reach 100+ daily, and traffic is quite slow until mid-October here in Palm Springs. As a result, we have been scrambling to catch up with emails (read about our email glitch that was only corrected this evening), phone calls and shipping (yikes! still a ton of pieces to send out). We look forward to providing you regular updates throughout the coming months.

We have a great show up currently at the gallery entitled THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT featuring JOE LEDBETTER, KORIN FAUGHT, JASON HOUCHEN and JOHN MONN. There are still many great pieces available (with the exception of the JOE LEDBETTER pieces which SOLD OUT pretty much before the show opened). We are hoping to finally get the show online for viewing and sales early next week. These pieces are extremely well priced and you may end up kicking yourself later if you do not act during this exhibition. Note: Joe is the oldest artist at age 27.


We only realized this evening that the email program we used has been blocking out these entire domains the past several months (if not longer). This means that any incoming messages from you did not ever get to us. It was obviously very difficult for us to discover this as we have over 2,300 email subscribers on our list and we actually send out our email newsletters though a different web based program due to the volume. We can not apologize enough for any inconvenience! We really did not mean to ignore you if you sent us a request, question or other correspondence. To add to the confusion you probably wondered why you received our email newletters but not a response from the gallery (again, separate programs used). The problem has been corrected finally this evening and we look forward to hearing from you and showing you the level of service we are capable of providing (as wife laughs in background).