Sunday, June 12, 2005


Welcome to PSArtBlog! Back in May 2003, my wife and I opened
m modern gallery in Palm Springs, California. We show artists and photographers that we especially find aesthetically pleasing and specialize in mod-pop, fashion, lowbrow, animation and art toys.

Some of the more well known artists we represent from time to time include: Josh (SHAG) Agle, Glenn Barr, Gary Baseman, Tim Biskup, Eric Joyner, Mark Ryden, 60's and current supermodel VERUSCHKA and have even shown art pieces from well know musicians such as David J (Bahaus and Love & rocket's, Debora Iyll (Romeo Void), Rikki Rockett (Poison) & Marilyn Manson.

We find the artworld fascinating and a continued source of learning. It is our hope that this Blog will assist in keeping you up to date with local art openings, gallery events and other discussions pertaining to the art world (especially here in Palm Springs).

In our humble opinion the only reason to collect artwork is because you love it!


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